Proposal No 2

Quality and social environment impact criteria in government calls for tender

In order to truly change the rules of the game to benefit Quebecers, the government must demonstrate exemplarity. This leadership is necessary to incentivize and accompany the population and economic stakeholders in the shift toward a modern economy that focuses on exemplary social and environmental practices. The government possesses incredible leverage to promote the modernization of businesses: public contracts.

The Conseil du Trésor annually awards approximately $16B in contracts. They are usually awarded based on the lowest compliant bidder rule, a rule which reduces the purchasing process to a simple accounting calculation.

Yet, the government could use its contracting power to force the shift.


That is why propose that the public calls for tender also include criteria for quality, origin, impacts on the environment and social impacts.


We think that factors such as respect for laws and regulations, a commitment to regional development, the transformation toward green technology, the presence of buying local polices, respect for fundamental rights, promoting work-family balance and the presence of women and minorities could be among them as well.  


A Quebec Liberal Party government will take these types of action which will create incredible leverage to promote businesses’ modernization and their adaptation to the economy of tomorrow.