Proposal No 1

A new way of measuring progress

In Quebec, we frequently measure our progress or the benefits of our policies by referring to the Gross Domestic Product, the “GDP”. It is a measure of economic activity based on the total market value of all goods and services. When the GDP is growing, an economy is considered to be healthy. When it is decreasing, there is cause for concern.

The GDP is an indicator of economic activity that does not take other societal factors into account.


But can we really limit a society’s progress to economic statistics? In 2021, we think that the answer is no.

Over the years, several more comprehensive indicators have been suggested as an alternative to the GDP. Among those is of particular interest, the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI). In addition to economic statistics, this indicator includes social and environmental progress. It has 26 components in all.

We believe that it is time to expand our definition of progress. That is why we propose establishing a new indicator of Quebec’s socioeconomic progress, inspired by the GPI.

Developed, calculated and published on an annual basis by the , for each of the regions, as well as for the province as a whole. It will offer a more accurate and realistic measurement of Quebec society’s evolution and the impact of our projects and public policies.