A New Economic Vision of the Quebe Liberal Party

We all know that our planets’ resources are limited and that our ecosystems are fragile. The pandemic reminded us of the importance of freely interacting with our families and friends, and of being in good physical and mental health. It made socioeconomic inequalities more evident and also led us to question our quality of life and our working conditions.

Today, Quebec is at a crossroads.

Here, like elsewhere, we need to think about the future that we want to build. The crisis is not over yet, but attention is slowing starting to turn to the post-pandemic world. What will our economy look like after COVID-19? What changes do we want to make to our ways of living, working and consuming? Will we go back to the status quo, or will we seize this opportunity to undertake the changes we need to make to build the Quebec of tomorrow?

We believe that it is time for a shift and for adopting a vision that is worthy of the 21st century in which economic activity is at the service of citizens, rather than the reverse. Our economic decisions should not be limited to purely financial spheres.

It is time to change the rules of the game:

We need to provide ourselves with a more modern economy, that will continue to allow Quebec to progress and prepare our businesses for the realities of the forthcoming decades.  

After the Quiet Revolution, the Quebec Liberal Party brought Quebec into the 20th century.

It will now allow it to move into the 21st century with a vision of economic progress that is indissociable from environmental and social progress.

Join us to change the rules of the game.